Lia Elaine Silver Fiction Writer


Lia Elaine Silver holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Washington University in St. Louis, where she was the recipient of a Third Year Fiction Fellowship.  Originally from Cleveland, she now makes her home in the Appalachian foothills of South Eastern Ohio.  

She nearly worked at the front desk of a hotel in Chicago where, she later learned, her maternal great grandparents had met.  Her great grandfather, a professional body builder, was a masseuse at the hotel; her great grandmother was a haunted housekeeper from Finland. 


Her maternal grandfather ran away from his Mennonite family as a teenager, serving as a clown in a circus before becoming a mapmaker. 

Her paternal grandmother had remarkable hair split down the center between bright orange and white, which young Lia Elaine Silver did not realize was a wig.

Her paternal grandfather, George, owned a pharmacy with a soda fountain and died too young.  As a child dining in a Mexican restaurant, Lia Elaine Silver promised her father she would name a child after George.  She kept that promise.

Lia Elaine Silver converted to Judaism as an infant.  She was taught to knock on wood, throw salt over her shoulder, wish on stars, and interpret dreams.